Driver License Restoration

If you have lost your North Carolina driver’s license due to suspension or revocation, we can probably help you with driver license restoration. One of the most important things that people take for granted is their driver’s license.  The loss of a valid license is probably felt most by a person who has to drive back and forth to work everyday.  Driving on the public streets and highways of North Carolina is a not a personal right. Driving in North Carolina is a privilege which the State grants you by issuing to you a driver’s license.

If your driver’s license is, has been, or is about to be suspended by the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) you need to find out what actions can be taken to overturn or prevent the license suspension.  In most cases some action can be taken to limit or prevent the loss of your driving privilege.

Everyday in our courts people accused of traffic offenses are warned that pleading guilty may have an effect on their driving privilege.  Everyday some of those people, despite the warning, plead guilty and subsequently lose their driving privilege or extend the suspension period of an already suspended license.

The rules that determine whether you will lose your driving privilege are mostly stated in the North Carolina General Statutes.  The rest exist in administrative rules set up by DMV.  An experienced attorney can guide you through the maze of statutes and rules and help you with your driver’s license restoration.  Whether through action taken by us in court, or administratively through DMV hearing, in most instances we can help you with your driving privilege restored and help you get a valid driver’s license.

If you need help having your driver’s license restored in Fayetteville and Cumberland County, North Carolina, allow our firm to lay out a plan for your best results for driver license restoration. You want to get it right and local Criminal Defense Attorney Ken Burns has over twenty-five (25) years of experience as an attorney in Fayetteville, NC improving his client’s outcomes. We use the latest technology to our advantage so that you stay informed about your case and you stay in touch with your attorney. With Burns Law, you always know which attorney is handling your case.  Additionally, you have a direct line of communication with your attorney throughout the time we are handling your case.